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Breastfeeding & Newborn


KellyMom: 'Providing support and Evidence-Based Information on Breastfeeding, Sleep, & Parenting'

La Leche League, International: 'Happy Mothers, Breastfed Babies'

Breastcrawl: 'Initiating Breastfeeding by Breastcrawl' & home to "Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding' Video Series

Breastfeeding Made Simple: Includes an animated video of a baby latching on to the breast

Common Sense Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding USA: 'Breast is not Best, it is the Biological Norm'

Biological Nurturing: 'Laid Back Breastfeeding'

Low Milk Supply: 'Information & Support for Breastfeeding Mothers'

Infant Sleep & Soothing

Co-Sleeping: Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Lab at Notre Dame University/James McKenna

Infant Sleep Safety: From Attachment Parenting, International

Normal Infant Sleep, Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 and Gentle Sleep Resources

Calming Your Baby: "Happiest Baby on the Block" style... and a Counterargument to Happiest Baby on the Block 

Dr. Sears: 'The Trusted Resource for Parents' (Solid information on Infant Sleep, Soothing & Gentle Parenting)

Infant Sleep: 'A Guide for the Science Minded Parent'

The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Website for Elizabeth Pantley's books


Babywearing International: 'Bringing Together Babywearers Everywhere'

Wrap Your Baby: 'An Act of Love'

Preventing Hip Dysplasia:

Hip Healthy Swaddling: Hip Dysplasia Prevention Tips

Gentle Parenting:

Attachment Parenting, International: 'Educating and Supporting all Parents in Raising Secure, Joyful & Empathic Children...'

Parenting Science: 'Parenting for the Science Minded'

Hand in Hand Parenting: 'Nurturing the Parent-Child Connection'

Evolutionary Parenting

Mothering: 'The home for natural family living' 

The Natural Child Project: 'Our vision is a world in which all children are treated with dignity, respect, understanding, and compassion'

How is Gentle Parenting Different? Great blog post from a UK-based parenting "expert"

A-Ha! Parenting: Parenting from infancy through the teen years