First Memory Midwifery
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What do we remember? That first moment; one body emerges from another; those eyes wide and searching; the intake of breath; the gaze we seek; the voice we hold as familiar; the heartbeat that calms. It is my greatest joy and privilege, as a midwife, to hold the space for these first connections and to do so in a way that honors the sacred experience of growing and birthing a human being and creating a family. 

First Memory

Light travels closer to the warm interior

Hot lake of my heart
Air pulling flesh, blue squall
Pushed out into the frenzied moment

Small being
Singing life throughout
Each synaptic connection

Sparking breath
and cry
and need

Mother hands, Mother scent
Ripe and sweet like incense
wafting in a still room

Watchful orbs with deliberate iris
Emerald tigers
Baleful in the night

Passed from strangers handling

Cloaked cry
Then return to lie on skin like mountains
Mother- momentous mother
There you are

~copyright Chandra Fischer 2001


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