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Sweet Words



“Chandra was the best investment we made for our prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. She offered evidence-based information, a compassionate listening ear, and reassurance that as soon-to-be parents we could make decisions for ourselves. Chandra's knowledge, expertise, and support helped us navigate pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with so much more confidence. Especially in my labor when decisions had to be made that we weren't anticipating. She was steadfast, respectful, and patient during our deliberation process. We loved our homebirth experience with Chandra and would work with her again in a heartbeat!"

— Phyllis B. 2017

"Chandra has a naturally calm and collected presence, that was totally vital to me, as her client. I knew that no matter what situation arose during birth, she would be able to guide me into making the right choices- whether it be going to the hospital (if needed) or continuing on with a homebirth. During appointments she answered all questions that my husband and I had with subjects ranging from pregnancy, newborn, to teenage years. Nothing was off-limits! When it came time to actually birth my baby, she showed up in time, (I had labored during the night and wasn't sure if it was actually time...It was!), monitored my little baby's heart going through the birth canal, and helped my baby come out (had to move my baby's hand out). After the birth, she helped me deliver my baby's placenta (cough!) and cleaned up the birthing area, and some other really helpful stuff that's hard for me to remember because I had just birthed a baby. I do remember that when they left, there was nothing to clean up, that I felt completely at ease (as much as possible with a newborn) and I knew how to take care of my body post-birth. The care didn't stop there, as she continued to make visits all the way up to two months! I could text her anytime with questions, and even two years later I continue to ask her questions about feminine health. If I could, I would 100% choose her the next time I have a baby, but alas she moved north (you lucky ladies!...families!)"

-Laura P. 2016


“Chandra was apprenticing with my midwife during my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. During my prenatals she was professional yet compassionate. Chandra is a great listener and makes the prenatals not just about having a baby, but about you and your life. During my labor, Chandra was a calm and knowledgeable presence. When I made the decision to transfer, she was understanding and supportive. Lastly, Chandra did one of my postpartum appointments and she helped with everything from calming an upset baby to answering my breastfeeding questions. I would highly recommend Chandra as a midwife...and as a friend."

— Janae D. 2016